Friday, February 20, 2009

NY Post Kings of Comedy

Sure, sure, we've all heard the story. Sean Delonas, a cartoonist for the NY Post (a bastion of fairness and sanity in the city here (no not really)), drew a cartoon of cops shooting a chimp who apparently wrote a stimulus bill. Al Sharpton got mad, etc etc. I actually don't think the racism was intended, but I think that's gotta be one of the laziest editorial cartoons I've ever seen. Just because two stories happen in the same week doesn't mean it makes any sense to put them in the same cartoon. However, it would be awesome for my life if the NY Post was never again on newsstands, so I totally support the Rev. Sharpton in his efforts.

What you may not know is the cartoon we saw was one of several drafts the now-unemployed Delonas came up with. Others include:
  • Chris Brown beating the crap out of a chimp giving birth to eight babies, telling the chimp "I'll show you a stimulus."
  • A grizzled Joaquin Phoenix staring awkwardly at a chimp under house arrest for bilking billions out of unwitting investors, until the chimp dies of boredom. After which Phoenix raps the word "stimulus" over and over.
  • Hugh Jackman presenting an Oscar to a chimp in a car seat. The chimp is drugged after a dentist visit, and there's a little thought bubble over him saying "Is this stimulus real?" Then the chimp randomly screams and dies.
  • A chimp is flying a plane with Jessica Simpson (in mom jeans) and Simon Cowell in the cockpit. The chimp is telling the tower, "I'm putting this stimulus down in the Hudson."
  • Amy Fisher is shooting a chimp in the face while saying "This is for Stimulus Buttafuoco."

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