Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta James gets it--Why doesn't everyone else?

In an audio clip that surfaced today, Etta James can be heard to say she would "whip" Beyonce for singing "her song" at one of the 73 balls the night of the inauguration (the song being, of course, "Milkshake"--just kidding, it's actually "Thunderstruck," made famous by the AC/DC cover). James goes on to say, "The great Beyonce...I can't stand Beyonce."


I guess Ms. James drinks bottled water exclusively, because apparently Beyonce's stage dad put some sort of mind-control chemical in our water supply that has people thinking she's worth listening to. Seriously, how can someone who performs such bombastic garbage have so little personality? I was an extra on the SNL where Timberlake and the guys were her backup dancers, so I saw her with no makeup. You wouldn't look twice if you saw her on the street that way. And she was barely there upstairs. Just sayin.

Wow, not many jokes in this one. It was mostly just mean. OK, here's one for you. Beyonce walks into a bar with a midget and a duck, and the bartender says "Get the fuck out of my bar, I hate your music."

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1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! This woman is so overrated, and people, no, THE WORLD, will NOT STOP bending over to kiss her ass. I read somewhere that she says, ultimately, she would like to be a "brand." Who says that? Who says, "I'm so important to the world that I'm going to be a brand, like GE or Apple.." ???