Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jessica, We Get It, You're Country Now

Jessica Simpson made an appearance in Pembroke Pines, FL this weekend to sing cuts off her latest attempt at some sort of relevancy. At a chili cook-off. In mom jeans. As you can see, she's been eating her feelings about the Cowboys' season. Just kidding. She has no idea who Romo plays for.

For anyone that's been paying attention, you should know by now that she's been hitting the country angle pretty hard the last year or so, after her handlers realized people don't seem to enjoy watching her fellate a microphone (seriously, have you seen her perform? Makes me all squirmy). This latest appearance shows a real breakthrough in her camp's imaging work. So what can we expect down the road for Ms. Simpson?
  • A ribbon-cutting at the new Piggly Wiggly in Stinking Creek, TN, wearing an American flag tshirt and Carhartt pants.
  • A charity performance for workers laid off from Pabst Blue Ribbon bottling plants, wearing a Confederate flag muumuu.
  • A bid to get on Palin's 2012 ticket.
PS I stole this picture from US Weekly's website, and they titled it "simpson-fat-b." Remember that in two months when they run an article on how unfairly she's being treated for gaining weight.

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