Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bud's Back

David Faustino, following the footsteps of many before him, has done a web series in which he plays an exaggerated version of himself trying to gain a foothold (and a few bucks) in LA. Corin Nemec appears as his roomate/best friend, and Ed O'Neill has a fun cameo in the first episode (posted below).

I'm not too sure what I think about this. I grew up on Married with Children, so it's great to see Faustino on camera with O'Neill again. There are a few gags that could have mileage, particularly Faustino's habitual suicide attempts. Really his character is more like Bud Bundy in his 30's than Faustino; he lives in filth, has a loose moral compass, and unabashedly checks out women. But the shocks they go for don't seem quite earned, and it looks like everyone's trying just a little too hard. They seem too intent on aping It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (even using some of the same open-license music) to break any new, worthwhile ground. Because nobody will do what Philadelphia does better than Philadelphia.

By the way, this series is featured on Crackle.com, which you probably don't know is Sony's online comedy extension. They also featured The Line. They also do a terrible job of publicizing themselves.

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