Monday, January 19, 2009

Hef, It's Just Creepy Now

I'll admit I've seen my fair share of Girls Next Door episodes (meaning I don't leave the room when my fiance watches it), and the show is a lot of fun. The girls might not be published in Scientific American anytime soon, but they're sweet and the show lacks any of that tacky VH1 drama. Also I have a thing for blurry nipples.

My enjoyment of the show stems largely from my ability to completely forget the fact that the girls must, in order to live their carefree lifestyle, sexually satisfy a man who is most likely older than their grandparents. This is hardest to ignore when Kendra shares screentime with him, but it's still doable.

But now he's thrown these twins into the mix, and it shatters that wall that I've deftly put up in my mind between his saggy medicated penis and these young blondes. Because I don't buy the twin fantasy. Sure, I get its basis. What's better than sleeping with one surgically engineered blonde? Throwing another one on top that looks just like her. But come on. Would you bang a grampa with your sister? No, you wouldn't. Because what's worse than banging an 82-year old man? Banging an 82-year old man while someone with your DNA watches. It ain't right.

I've seen the "entertainment news" interviews with Hef on the subject, and they all pretty much have the "you old dog" attitude. But I live in a world where reality sort of takes precedence over everything else. And that usually makes me want to vomit away the bad things.

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