Monday, June 27, 2011

Fans: Can't Please 'em, Can't Kill 'em

Geek note: this is all spoiler-free. Shame on you for doubting. You want spoilers? Read Entertainment Weekly.

So some major events happened at the end of the first seasons of both The Killing and Game of Thrones. And boy, did the fans get their demanding panties in tight little wads about it.

I understand the feeling of ownership that comes along with being a fan of something. But there are lines, people. "I'm not happy about [THING]! I wanted [OTHER THING] to happen!" Well, fan, what you're describing is a different story. Maybe you should try to find that story somewhere else. Or create it yourself. Otherwise, shut your mouth and take what's given to you. You like these characters? You like this world that's been created for you at great expense? Did [THING] violate either of those? Then what's the problem?

OK, I might have lied a little. The next paragraph is very slightly spoiler-y about The Killing. I'll leave a big gap in case you haven't seen the season finale, and you can move on to the next spoiler-free paragraph about Game of Thrones. Ready? Here we go:

The people behind The Killing are doing a great job. It's not a show about who killed a girl. That would be boring. It's a show about people, and politics, and small towns, and some of those people are trying to figure out who killed a girl. If you're so obsessed with finding out whodunit, read any of the thousands of shitty paperbacks out there that only concern themselves with that question. They do away with those tedious elements of storytelling like originality, and tone, and character development. Or just do a jigsaw puzzle or something, it's the same principle.

Welcome back! And to the fans of Game of Thrones who weren't happy about a certain development--and it was a distressing development, I agree, but I mean like "you shouldn't have done that" unhappy--this show is based on a book that's been devoured wholesale by hundreds of thousands of adoring readers. That thing happened in the book too. This is the world Martin created. If you have a problem with the event in question, just get out now, because good god you could not handle what's on the way.

I guess this is what happens when people who are used to bad TV get tricked into watching really good TV. I could see the constant boobs in Game of Thrones pulling in people that have no business watching that story. I'm not sure what the hook was on The Killing. Thinking it was a plain whodunit, I suppose, though that requires total ignorance that it's on the channel of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. AMC doesn't do plain, thankfully.

But hey, here's something we're all perfectly entitled to getting panty-wadded about: Mad Men's 1.5 year break. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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