Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News Roundup

Police in Colorado think the Balloon Boy hoax may have been a collaboration between the Heene family and a media outlet for a reality show. In a related story, I think I can finally explain Sarah Palin's campaign.

Vic Mizzy, the composer of "The Addams Family" theme, died this week at 93. When asked to comment, Morticia Addams said "Ooh, was he tortured to death? Lucky dog. What? Heart failure? Oh, that's not sexy." Gomez Addams showed little sympathy. "He called us 'ooky' in an internationally recognized song. Libeling bastard."

A Cleveland museum has discovered that an exhibit of a hair from Amelia Earhart is really just thread. So it looks like the new Earhart biopic starring Hillary Swank will be re-shot with Raggedy Ann.

A driver in Switzerland was pulled over Monday for 15 traffic violations in 11 minutes. My question is, who let Helen Keller's dead body behind the wheel, and how did she end up in Switzerland?

Amy Winehouse's father has said that England is wasting money by sending convicted addicts to rehab instead of prison, and that money should be spent on non-offending drug addicts. In a related story, Amy Winehouse's dad failed spectacularly at raising his daughter.

The Obama administration has said Fox News Channel is "not really news." They went on to say such bold statements as "Five primetime hours of Leno is a huge mistake," "America, ease up on the deep frying," and "Reality entertainment is neither real nor entertainment."

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