Thursday, October 22, 2009

Movies of Novels of TV Shows of Life

Gnarly DUI chick and confusingly famous sister to a worthless pile of meat and bone, Stephanie Pratt, has said she'd like Ashley Tisdale to play her in the film version of the book version of the TV version of Lauren Conrad's life. It's fine. My head's melting trying to comprehend this too.

Ah, the merging of High School Musical and "The Hills." This combination literally could not be more inane. So naturally I have to spend dozens of minutes of my day picking it apart.

What intrigues me most is how distorted this telephone game of Conrad's life must eventually be. I can only imagine, in its various iterations, that her life will go from the story of a listless, passive SoCal girl trying to justify her existence to that of a fierce Dark Ages valkyrie slaying all those that stand in the way of avenging her family's death. Which, BTW, I'd totally pay $12 to see. And I think Vanessa Hudgens would do wonders for the role.

More power to Conrad for milking this phenomenon bone dry, I suppose. She's been paid lots of money to be on TV and has a novel under her name. I write blogs while temping, and I've just now made enough to see that valkyrie movie. Which is why I feel so awesome about myself. All the time.


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