Monday, October 26, 2009

Classin It Up with David Spade

You've seen the DirecTV campaign, right? Where they pay actors what must be an exorbitant amount to re-enact scenes from their movies while plugging satellite TV? I was surprised when they got Sigourney Weaver to do a scene from Aliens. I was REALLY surprised when they got Naomi Watts to do King Kong. I was a little creeped out when they used footage from Poltergeist with the little girl who is very much dead. Now I'm creeped out, sad, and pissed off that they're not only using Chris Farley from Tommy Boy, they managed to figure out the cost of David Spade's soul and bid $1 higher than that.

I don't know Spade. I don't know that he was bestest buddies with Farley like everyone assumes. Did Farley's estate get a nice check for this? Sure. Did Spade donate his salary to a charity, ideally one that helps out addicts? Maybe. Is there only one way to really interpret this commercial? Absolutely. David Spade is making money off his tragically dead friend. To sell TV service. And here I am trying to find something witty and scathing to write about it, but mostly it just speaks for itself.

Stay classy Spade. Enjoy that beach house.

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