Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rebecca Black, Act 2--I'm sorry

I truly hate to talk about her again, but Rebecca Black is helping me prove a point. Or at least, Miley Cyrus' reaction to her is.

Black is recording the inevitably disappointing follow-up to "Friday," "LOL." To which Ms. Cyrus says "It should be harder to be an shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour." Right. You should have a one-hit-wonder stage dad. Not to mention that in saying this she's also indicting Justin Bieber. Which hey, I'm fine with, but I doubt that was her intention.

I love this. It's just fulfilling the point I made in my original post about Rebecca Black. In being as visible as the leading pop artists by spending way less money and sucking way more, she's laying bare all the gross machinery that makes pop music tick.

As a fan of "real" music (wherein real=anything in any genre that comes from a place of emotional truth and at least some performer authorship), pop all sounds the same to me and that sound is terrible. I understand it has its place. Not every song has to mean something or change lives. Sometimes it can just be fun. But, just like bland multi-camera sitcoms and 98% of reality TV, mediocre has come to dominate the medium.

So it's pretty awesome to me when someone like Miley Cyrus, who is seriously just as terrible to me as Rebecca Black, gets a little uncomfortable when her territory is threatened like this.

Rebecca Blacks of the world, come forward! Let your mechanical voices be heard! Flood the market and take it down like the Titanic! Celine Dion sucks too!

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