Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Oscar Tomfoolery

And certainly not the last.

(PS I'm working hard to be the top Google match when someone searches "tomfoolery.")

Entertainment Weekly has an article up entitled Natalie Portman: Does pregnancy help her Oscar chances? In EW's defense, the first line is "Yes, I know, it’s kind of a ridiculous question." And it's not their fault that the environment surrounding these awards is so absurd that they can actually give this consideration. But they certainly don't have to report it.

In an examination of past nominees that betrays a complete ignorance of the rule "correlation does not imply causation," they figure it's pretty much a wash.

Know what should help her chances? The performances of her and the other nominees. Know what will? How many voters see the movie. How many of those voters are under 80. How many of those voters her agent stepped on at some point. How much money the producers spend on a campaign. Whether the voters should've eaten before watching the movie. The weather.


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